Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Submission:

As you may have noticed, we don’t stand on ceremony here at Pravic, so we really don’t want to make a big deal out of restrictions and guidelines. We’re new, so it’s not like you can go read what we publish just yet, but you can go read a few things we like, if you’re interested (link forthcoming).

Our top suggestion: read our “Commandments for New Science Fiction.” If you find yourself squirming to defend happy-go-lucky futurism, or thinking “what a bunch of pseudo-academic luddite nutjobs,” you may want to hedge your bets and move along. If you instead immediately get what we’re saying, we’d love to hear from you.

Basic stuff we need to say:

Format: We’re not hung up on Manuscript Format, but we know how to read it, and you may want to consider using it if you ever plan to submit to other markets. What we look for is simplicity and easy reading, visually and mechanically speaking. No weird fonts, no weird spacing, and put your name, address, e-mail address, and word-count on the first page. And if you’re using a pen name, please put that underneath the title on page 1. As far as file format, please use a universal format like rich-text, PDF or Open Office.

Length: No strict rules about length, but this is a DIY print publication, so no novellas, novels, etc. We do like slightly longer-than-average pieces other publications might frown at, so if you have a literary, in-depth story that earns its 8,000-word length, have at it. We’ll also gladly look at shorter-than-usual stuff – flash, microfiction, whatever you want to call it.

Content: We’re not hung up on genre distinctions either, and it’s possible that something vaguely in the fantasy or “magical realism” sphere could do it for us. But straight-up fantasy is unlikely to sway us, as is anything involving vampires or werewolves etc. Horror might be considered, but no Lovecraft-universe stuff or anything that might be considered a franchise or shared universe, legally or otherwise.

Cover Letter: If you’d like to tell us some of your finest moments, go ahead. However, as two lowly slush-dwellers ourselves, the main accomplishment we’re interested in is the story you send to us.

Other Crap: We are not accepting unsolicited poetry or non-fiction pieces at this time. We may eventually accept non-fiction but we will very probably never publish poetry.

What We’re ‘Buying:’

Rights: If we choose your story and you accept our offer to publish, your story will appear in one issue of Pravic, which means print and PDF. It will also go up in the archive section of the website if you so choose. This is the extent of our involvement. If we someday get it in our heads to do an anthology, we’ll contact you and renegotiate. You, the author, retain all rights – you just let us put it in an issue of the magazine. You also agree to let us mention you by name in our attempts to get people excited about the magazine, and on a list of former contributors.

Payment: The word “buying” makes it sound like we’ll be paying, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we’re not. We’re two broke dudes, so this is a strictly-for-love venture. We will send you a copy or two of the finished magazine, and a PDF as well.
Submissions may be sent to



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