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About pravicmag

Pravic is a new magazine bringing you literary Science Fiction stories, along with discussions of esoteric pop culture, music and movie reviews, and anything else we feel like. We're sick of "idea SF" - stories in which a single conceit is explored to the exclusion of all else. We want, in our stories, broad vistas, open space to play and to critique.

Change of Residence…

Pravic’s moving up in the world, and so is our web presence.  From now on, visit us at   Advertisements

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Pravic Readers and the Felines who Ignore Them

Pravic Readers! Do you have cats? Send us a picture of your cat with your copy of Pravic prominently displayed and be automatically entered to win a 12 issue subscription.

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All You Bullheaded Pricks

Like The Melvins? Give us your paragraph-long impressions, remembrances, criticisms, analyses, or insights for our ParaRiffs section in Issue 2, devoted to one of our favorite bands. Leave riffs in the comments section – THANKS!

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Quite The Endorsement!

Johnathan Lethem’s reading Pravic. Do you have your copy yet? Photo taken at the recent PKD Fest at SFSU. For more info on the fest, which was organized by Pravic editor David Gill, go here.

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A Sneak Peak at Issue 1

A little cut-and-paste, context-free preview of issue 1.   “The three stories we present to you here are different. They are all about heart. Not ‘heart’ in the sense of dogged commitment, heart, the pink thing beating inside your chest.” … Continue reading

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Pravic Issue 1 Available for Order

After lots of work (and lots of fun), issue #1 of Pravic Magazine is now available to order. Featuring new fiction by Ben Loory, David Gill and Nathaniel K. Miller, as well as other fascinating features. $3 gets you a … Continue reading

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The Astronaut by Ben Loory

In a few short minutes, issue #1 of Pravic Magazine will be available to order. To highlight the great stories we’ve been lucky to have for this brand-new project, we’re posting Ben Loory’s fabulous short “The Astronaut: A Fable” here, … Continue reading

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