Pravic Issue 1 Available for Order

After lots of work (and lots of fun), issue #1 of Pravic Magazine is now available to order. Featuring new fiction by Ben Loory, David Gill and Nathaniel K. Miller, as well as other fascinating features.

$3 gets you a real printed-on-paper copy. Includes shipping and a sense of wonder long absent from your life.

Order via PayPal right here:


About pravicmag

Pravic is a new magazine bringing you literary Science Fiction stories, along with discussions of esoteric pop culture, music and movie reviews, and anything else we feel like. We're sick of "idea SF" - stories in which a single conceit is explored to the exclusion of all else. We want, in our stories, broad vistas, open space to play and to critique.
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6 Responses to Pravic Issue 1 Available for Order

  1. Wainscot Smith says:

    Will you ship to Canada?

  2. Perry Kinman says:

    Will $3 make it across the Pacific to Japan?

  3. Wainscot Smith says:

    Should I take the silence as a no?

    • pravicmag says:

      My apologies for the delay. We will indeed ship to you for the usual rate, so order away!

      • Wainscot Smith says:

        I wouldn’t mind paying extra if it costs you more to ship it here. The only reason I asked is that on the PayPal site, even when I choose Canada as my country, it doesn’t give give any Canadian province options under “State”, and still asks for a zip code rather than a postal code. So I’ll just put my province on the same line as city and put a postal code where it says zip code and hope that works!

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